2017 CLIA Photo Contest Flier v3

The First Ever Year Around Canadarago Lake Photo Contest!

This year, for our photo contest we are going to have one winner each month, and the winners will each be featured on their respective months of the 2018 calendar next year! Winners will also receive a framed copy of their winning photo(s). That’s right, you may win more than one month. You are allowed to submit up to five photos per month to the photo contest. The better the resolution the better (300 dpi or better preferably), cell phone cameras typically provide photos that are too “grainy” when expanded to be practical for a calendar. The theme is “Life on the Lake”. All photos must be taken outside at or around Canadarago Lake in the year 2017. All photos¬† that are to compete in a particular month must be either received electronically or post-marked by the last day of that month. Each photo must also be accompanied by its own signed form, which is attached here. Please email all photos and submission forms to photocontest@canadaragolake.com or mail them on a disk to Canadarago Lake Improvement Association, Inc. Photo Contest, P.O. Box 682, Richfield Springs, NY 13439.



2017 Photo Contest Submission Form – Copy