Weed Control Information

Two physical control methods are recommended (and DO require permits!)…. benthic mats and pulling or raking out weeds

  • Pulling or raking weeds requires a permit only from the DEC.
  • For the installation of benthic mats the DEC will require an Article 24 Freshwater Permit and possible Article 15 Protection of Waters Permit. Benthic mats permit from the Army Corp of Engineers are required if these mats are being anchored by stones, sand bags or other like material. Benthic mats do not require a permit if they are anchored with rebar pins or other like anchors.

Permit applications should be sent to:

Jamie Lacko

DEC Region 4 Enviromental Permits

65551 State Highway 10, Suite 1, Stamford, NY 12167



Andrew Dangler

Department of Army, US Army Corp of engineers


1 Buffington St. Bldg. 10, Watervliet, NY 12189.



(DEC Region 4 permit link for weed control is http://www.dec.ny.gov/permits/6222.html. The permit form is under Joint Applications Form for Permits.)