Fishing Regulations

Statewide Angling Regulations

from NYS DEC

Follow steps 2 c. through 2 i. on the Freshwater Fishing Regulations page to determine if the water body you plan to fish has exceptions to the following general regulations:

General Fishing Regulations by Fish Species

Open Season
Minimum Length

Daily Limit

Trout (brook, brown and rainbow trout and hybrids of these species; and splake) April 1-Oct 15 Any size 5
Lake Trout April 1 -Oct 15 21″ 3
Landlocked Atlantic Salmon April 1-Oct 15 15″ 3
It is illegal to take Atlantic Salmon from the waters of the marine and coastal district
Kokanee April 1- Oct 15 Any size 10
Coho, Chinook, Pink Salmon See Great Lakes Regulations
Black Bass
3rd Sat in June-Nov 30 12″ 5
Dec 1 – Fri preceding the 3rd Sat in June Catch and release only Artificial lures only
Muskellunge Last Sat in May-Nov 30 40″ 1
Northern Pike 1st Sat in May- March 15 18″ 5
Pickerel 1st Sat in May-March 15 15″ 5
Tiger Muskellunge 1st Sat in May-March 15 30″ 1
Walleye 1st Sat in May-March 15 15″ 5
Crappie All year 9″ 25
Atlantic, Shortnose & Lake Sturgeon; Paddlefish; Sauger Closed Fishing for (including catch and release) or possession prohibited
Lake Whitefish All year Any size 5
Striped Bass in the Hudson River and tributaries north of George Washington Bridge April 1-Nov 30 1 fish between 18 and 28 inches OR 1 fish larger than 40 inches 1
American Shad – Hudson River and all tributaries north of the George Washington Bridge Closed Fishing for (including catch and release) or possessing American shad in the Hudson River or Marine District is prohibited.
American shad – all other inland waters All year Any size 3
Hickory Shad (does not apply to the Marine and Coastal District) Aug 1 – Nov 30 Any size 5
Anadromous River Herring (Alewife and Blueback Herring) except in Hudson River and all it’s tributaries Closed Fishing for (including catch and release) or possession prohibited
Yellow Perch All year Any size 50
Sunfish (bluegill, pumpkinseed and redbreast sunfish) All year Any size 50
American Eel- all waters except Hudson River All year 9″ 25
American Eel- Hudson River from the Battery to Troy and all tributaries upstream to the first barrier See Tidal Hudson River regulations
All endangered or threatened fish species Fishing for (including catch and release) or possession prohibited
All other species (except endangered and threatened species) All year Any size Any number


Dangerous Water Releases

Many rivers in New York State have dams on them. Some areas downstream have variable flows, including rapidly rising water that quickly creates conditions that are dangerous to anglers. Before fishing an unfamiliar river, become aware of the potential dangers or contact the Regional Bureau of Fisheries office for detailed information.

Also, keep in mind that almost any dammed or regulated water can be subject to quick increases in flow accompanied by rapidly increasing water depth and current speed.

When fishing on any river, if the water begins to rise unexpectedly, anglers should quickly move safely to shore.