Dock Height

How to set/adjust your dock height:

The most important part about installing your dock is to make sure it is above Canadarago Lake’s flood point. If you do not, your dock may be damaged or at a minimum “submerged” during very wet weather. It is normal for the lake to exceed the flood point a few times per summer.

The lake’s flood point can be easily seen at the boat launch if you are interested. Closely inspect the metal walls in the ramp area (during high water, the view may be obstructed by the docks). You will see a noticeable “corrosion line” on these walls. That is the lake’s flood point. This point is about 31″ below the upper concrete deck level.

To determine the proper height for your dock, click here to see how many inches the lake is presently below flood point.  The undercarriage of your dock should be at least this much above the water. We recommend you set it up to 6″ higher for added “high water” protection, but ABSOLUTELY do not set it lower. This setting will keep your dock above water in all but severely flooded lake level conditions. In normal conditions, your dock will typically be at least 10″- 12″ over the water level.

It is only necessary to do this setting/checking once per season….it will hold, as you are setting your dock relative to the flood point, which does not change.